About Wovenworks

Chestnuts & Papaya Wovenworks has been producing hand woven baskets and accessories since 1998. Back then, our concept team was focused on the design and function of the products. They were drawn to the natural colors, smell, and versatility of the material. It allowed them freedom to create a varity of designs.

Chestnuts & Papaya formed a small community of artisians to focus solely on Wovenworks creations and designs. By doing this, we were able to provide a better living, a safe working environment, and a consistent and elevated salary. The material itself is a sustainable and renewable plant reed that has the growing and harvesting patterns similiar to bamboo. Many of our products were designed as "sets" Not only does this make for great diversity for the consumer, it maximizes the packing potential so freight is kept to a minimum.

Once the product has reached its lifespan, it can be recycled in a compost bin or local yard waste container.


Products from our Wovenworks Collection are best maintained in a protected area. Direct and prolonged exposure to sun and water will cause fading. Shake or brush clean. Should your item become wet, allow to dry completly before use or storage.

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