Tangerine Tango : Get the Color of the season

Pantone’s color of the season is always fun to watch.

2012 is Tangerine Tango

Our Wovenworks Braided Shopper in Orange plays with this trend nicely.

Visit here to shop.



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Tomato Time! Early Girl & Big Boy Update…

Our Big Boy & Early Girl Tomato Plants have begun to sprout tomatoes.


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25 Uses: Wovenworks Totora Canisters

Wovenworks Hand Woven Totora Plant Canisters

25 Uses

I have found so many uses for these woven canisters. They look great sitting out but their size makes them perfect for closet and cabinet shelves.



Nuts ( in shell)
Spices (in jar or packaging)

On the counter top or in cabinet for

Hide Toilette paper
Cotton balls
Hair accessories
Extra wash cloths , sponges
Beauty products

Home Office
Place for…

pens , pencils
Misc. supplies like paper clips
Put Away Pads of paper , Post-Its
Store business cards
CD , DVD’s for recording

Kids/Baby Room


Baby socks
Sm. toys & blocks
Doll clothes

Guest Room

Place for guest toiletries
Craft Room

Put away…

Scrap booking supplies
Quilting supplies
Thread / yarn
Notions such as buttons/ zippers

Oh! That’s more than 25. I could go on and on. I have no doubt you will find these and many more uses in your home!

For Large Canisters Click Here

For Small Canisters Click Here

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“Big Boy”, “Ace”, “Early Girl”

No , this blog is not about cute nick names to call your significant other. These are names of my recently planted tomatoes. As spring slowly arrives it is time to start thinking about planting a vegetable garden. My “garden” consists of several pots on my deck. There is nothing like the taste of a freshly picked tomato. Whether you have a spacious yard for a garden, a roof top, balcony, or deck I strongly urge you to plant a couple tomato plants. Pick a sunny area, keep watered, and you should have produce within a couple months. Try the cherry tomato. They tend to give off a lot of fruit. And you can just pick,wash and throw them into a salad. I will post photos of mine once they have matured. And stay tuned for all the ways I use them in recipes!tomato plants


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The Importance of Mothers

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”

-Old Jewish Proverb

Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!



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Now thats an Easter Basket

After cleaning out my attic and discarding about 5 years worth of generic Easter
baskets, I was thrilled when I came across the beautiful Braided Shoppers. I
thought the colors were fun for spring/summer so I decided to use them for
Easter. They look great filled with fresh flowers,colorful eggs and of course a
chocolate bunny! And when the Holiday is over I will have a basket I can use for
virtually anything.

Check them out here!

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Peter Cotton Tail – New Hand Knit Finger Puppets!

When I was a child, for Easter, my father would send us on Easter Egg Clue Hunts.  This wasn’t the normal Easter Egg Hunt.  Instead, my brothers and I  would each start with one plastic egg on the kitchen table filled with a clue as to where to find the next egg and clue.  There would be several eggs (sometimes with a tiny present or piece of candy) that would lead to the Easter Basket at the end.  It was a fun game, and my father loved to try and trick us with the clues. 

These little finger puppet bunnies remind me of this time of year and Easter Basket gifts.  So adorable!    

Here’s the little bunnies on a journey:

Finger Puppet Bunnies having a meeting over carrots


Hand Knit Finger puppet bunny hanging out in some carrots

They are new to the store!  To Shop for these little bunnies, click here


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Spring Break

85 degrees and sunny now in California.

We’ll be back soon


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Think Outside the Box

If you read most home decor magazines these days the trend is mostly “combine it all.” New with old, soft with hard edges, neutrals with pops of color. If your having trouble figuring out where to start try applying these tips:

 1) Start in one room. It could be bathroom, kitchen, or home office.

 2) Think of what you need for that room. Do you need organization or something to “liven” up the room.

 3) If there is a specific area take measurements and keep them with you when you go out to shop. 

 4) When you find something that catches your eye think outside the box. There was an original use for the object but think about how it could work for what you need. Example: An old enamel or rusted muffin tin. Would this work on your desk to hold paper clips, rubber bands, stamps etc. Keep in mind you can apply a clear coat of spray paint to rusted item to protect from residue. 

 5) Start with a few things and live with them for awhile. Soon enough you will get the hang of how your interesting finds will add functionality and style to your home ! 

This old Pepsi Cola crate is a great option, and is available for sale  here.

Antique Pepsi Cola Wood Crate


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Happy Saint Patricks’ Day!

These cotton tea towels will look great anywhere in your home.

Use them in the kitchen, bathroom or under a table setting.

Perfect all year long, but will add some extra St.Patty’s Day cheer.

Click here to shop

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